Evolution is a privately owned and operated wireline company

Our Primary Focus is Mechanical Services with the goal to execute through faster, safer, and more efficient wireline operations.

Evolution’s wireline services including logging, perforating, tubing-conveyed perforating, pipe recovery, mechanical services and more, performed by highly experienced and dedicated staff. Wireline’s services include, but are not limited too.

  • 5k and 10k Grease Injection Pressure Control Systems
    • Flanges, Crossovers, Pump-in Tees, 3”, 4 1/16″, 5.5” and 7” Lubricator, wireline BOPs, equalization equipment, and more.
  • Logging
    • Cement Bond Log, Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Log tool
    • Radial Bond tool
    • Multi-arm Imaging (caliper) Tool
    • Temperature tool
    • Gamma Ray tool
  • Pipe Recovery
    • Free Point tool
    • Jet Cutter
    • Chemical Cutter
    • Radial Plasma Torch Cutter
    • Stuck Pipe Log
  • Wireline Perforating Services with a wide array of charges shot densities, and barrel diameters and lengths.
  • Tubing-Conveyed or Coil Tubing Perforating
  • Mechanical Services
    • Composite Plug Setting in sizes ranging from tubing to surface casing
    § can utilize a supplied plug arranged by the customer on Evolution Wireline setting tools or a setting tool provided by the tool company.
    • Retrievable Bridge Plug Setting and Pulling
    • Packer setting
    • Junk Basket and Gauge Rings
    • Dump Bailer for sand and cement
    • Spang and Hydraulic Jars
    • Third Party Gyros
    • Fishing
    § magnets
    § spears
    § overshots

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